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What is a digital signature? How can you apply for Digital signature? If any of these questions have been ringing in your head, then good news. This article is for you.

How to apply digital signature?

First things first. What is a digital signature?

what is digital signature

As Wikipedia explains, a digital signature is a method that serves to demonstrate the authenticity of a digital message or an electronic document. A digital signature gives the recipient certainty that the message was created by the sender and that it was not altered during the transmission.

It consists of a cryptographic method that associates the identity of a person or a computer team with the message or document. Depending on the type of signature, you can also ensure the integrity of the document or message.

The digital signature of a document is the result of applying a certain mathematical algorithm, called a hash function, to its content and then applying the signature algorithm (in which a private key is used) to the result of the previous operation, generating the electronic or digital signature The digital signature software must also carry out several validations, among which we can mention:

The validity of the signer’s digital certificate,

Revocation of the signer’s digital certificate,

Inclusion of timestamp.

apply digital signature online
type of digital signature

The hash function is a mathematical algorithm that allows you to calculate a summary value of the data to be digitally signed. It works in only one direction, that is, it is not possible, from the summary value, to calculate the original data. When the entry is a document, the result of the function is a number that identifies the text indisputably.

If this number is attached to the text, the recipient can reapply the function and check its result with the one he has received. These types of operations are not intended to be carried out by the user, but the software is used that automates both the function of calculating the hash value and its subsequent verification.

Advanced digital signature

A basic digital signature loses the certainty of its validity when the certificate expires. An advanced digital signature remains valid without a doubt for long periods that go beyond the expiration of the certificate.

There are documents such as contracts or wills for which it is not appropriate to use basic digital signatures since these documents will remain valid for a long time after the digital certificates of the signatories expire. In these cases, it is appropriate to use an advanced digital signature.


A digital signature is not valid if it was made using an expired or revoked certificate. On the other hand, a basic digital signature does not contain accurate information about the date and time it was made. Given the above, it is not possible to know if digital signatures made with a certificate were made before or after it expired. Therefore, upon expiration of a certificate, the certainty of the validity of the signatures made with it is lost.

The advanced digital signature contains information that allows you to determine with certainty its validity even after the digital certificate has expired. To achieve this, the digital signature includes timestamp and validation information that allows determining the existence and validity of the digital signature at a time prior to the expiration or revocation of the certificate.

The timestamp that includes the advanced digital signature allows determining that the digital signature existed before the date and time given by the stamp. Which allows determining that the certificate was in force and had not been revoked before the time indicated by the stamp. This stamp is generated by a reliable timestamp authority, that is, we can be sure that that authority will always supply the correct date and time.

In addition, the advanced digital signature contains validation information that allows you to establish the validity of the certificate used, even if you do not have access to the original sources of validation information. This information consists of the certificate revocation lists, the OCSP service responses and the certificate chains needed to validate the certificate used to sign and the certificate chain from this to the root of the hierarchy

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How to Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate

Requirements while you apply for a digital signature certificate include:

  1. Submission of DSC Application form duly filled in by the applicant. Any individual applying for a Digital Signature Certificate is required to fill an Application Form for online submission and verification of personal details by the certifying authority
  2. Valid means of identification (Photo ID)
  3. Current Address with proof e.g. Utility bill bearing your name

To apply for a digital signature certificate please log in to the Signyourdoc website and follow the following steps:

1. Click on Buy Digital signature option

Once on the website, look for the digital signature option that you are interested in. If you are applying for an individual then click on “individual” and in the case of an organization click “Organization”.

A new tab containing the DSC Registration Form is expected to appear. Download the DSC Registration Form on your PC.

2.Fill the DSC Form

After downloading the form, fill out the necessary information. The details that are to be filled include but are not limited to

  • Class of the DSC
  • Type of certificate: Only Sign or Sign & Encrypt
  • Your Name & Contact Details
  • Residential Address
  • GST Number & Identity Details of Proof Documents
  • Document as proof of identity
  • Document as proof of address
  • Attestation Officer
  • Payment Details

3.Payment for DSC

An interest draft or check must be gotten towards installment for use of DSC for the sake of the Local Registration Authority where you will present your application for confirmation.

You can discover the subtleties of the Local Registration Authority as per your city via scanning for a Certifying Authority authorized to issue Digital Certificates on the web

4.Mail DSC form with supporting documents

After payment send a mail to the Local Registration Authority. The mail should include:

  • Appropriately fill DSC registration form
  • Cheque for payment.

After completing the steps above, you have successfully finalized the application for a digita signature certificate

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