How to register Digital Certificate on CERSAI site?


Follow these steps to register digital signature:-

  1. Open cersai Site
  2. Click Login button 
  3. Enter User Id and Password 
  4. Click Login button 
  5. Select Your Certificate 
  6. Enter USB token Password 
  7. Validate your DSC.
  8. Click on “I accept the agreement”.

Digital signature Certificate

Class 2 Digital signature required for cersai portal. You can use class 2 DSC for login and registration on site. 

With Help of this you can easily logging to portal. DSC is compulsory of login online.

How to register a new entity?

User and register on online. Registration form available on official website. Fill that complete form online and submit. 

User need to have digital signature to access and logon portal. After fill the application form user need to print the form duly fill.

System requirements

Following system required for CERSAI portal:-

  1. Java Version 6 update 30 and Java 8 update 25.
  2. Digital signature Certificate.
  3. USB token Driver install in your system 
  4. Java console should J sign initialized successfully.
  5. Uncheck the option “Enable blacklist revocation check”
  6. Check the option “Use SSL 2.0 compatible client Hello format”
  7. Check the option “Use SSL 3.0”
  8. Check the option “Use TLS 1.0”
  9. Uncheck “Use TLS 1.1”
  10. Uncheck the option “Use TLS 1.2”

"Digital signature verification failed"? error on site

Setting to resolve error:-

  1. Install Java 6 update 30 or Java 8 Update 25.
  2. Add site to trusted site.
  3. Add site in java security setting site list.
  4. Enable debugging tracing in Internet Option setting 
  5. Enable debugging logging in Internet option setting.
  6. Use Internet Explorer 7 and above 
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