Digital Certificate: Types of Digital signature certificate

Digital Certificate

A Complete Guide for Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate

A Digital certificate is used for filling an online application between the user browser and the website. A user verifies his identity online to site with help of this. User authorises website to an online application with his name, email id, Address and mobile no.

This guide contains everything you need to know about Digital certificate.

  • How to apply. 
  • How to Use.
  • How to verify.

About how to apply

How to apply Digital signature

Certificate control authority (CCA) is authorised some certificate authority to issue digital signature certificate online to apply. You can apply form these authorities. These authorities are legal to issue.

1. Sify safescrypt

Sify safescrypt

Sify safescrypt is licence trusted authority to issue certificate services online. You can’t directly purchase from these sites online. Sify issue RA and LRAA they can provide you with this service. You can check the validation guide and authority licence to visit the official site.

2. Emudhra


eMudhra is a licensed certifying authority (CA) of India. eMudhra also provides RA LRA to there partner to issue a signature. You can apply a certificate from these RA and LRA. If you want to apply as RA or LRA then you can easily apply for partner program for this.

3. nCode


ncode is a leader in information and network services. Its also offers PKI solution and trusted transaction online services. Ncode software provides a powerful range of security and solution to your online transaction.

4. Capricorn


Capricorn is a new licensing authority in the market by CCA. This authority is authorised by CCA recently and also provide all type of digital signature. It’s provided you best PKI solution to you.

About how to use

How to use digital signature

The use of the digital signature certificate is providing you and your documents secure to sign any documents and apply online application to save and share with anyone.

1. e-filing

e-filing digital signature

Now these days Income Tax return, TDS return, GST return, company return and individual return are online. Government allow the user to use their online system to fill there return. Because of the help of this online system, you can save time and money. You can easily fill any application and it’s saved time and cost. You can easily calculate your tax and made your return.
There are many types of software in the market they help you to made you return online

2. Documents sign

Documents signer digital signature

In order to make any documents sign digitally, you need a digital signature required for that. With help of this, you can sign any documents easily. You can send documents online to anyone.
Digitally sign documents are safe to send online to anyone. You can sign any documents and secure any documents


e-tendering digital signatue

Now, these days all contractor and any e-tendering system go online. If you want to apply any tender can apply online. Government lunch their site for e-tendering. If you want to apply any tender and release any tender you can easily list to these sites.

About How to Verify

verify digital signature

You get your digital signature online and now it’s in your hand, but have no idea that is this certificate is valid or not. You now sure that is this valid to all website that needs a signature.

We provide you process where you can easily verify. There are some steps to verify this.
Follow these steps to verify: –

  1. Insert DSC USB token in your system
  2. Install Driver
  3. Open Internet Explore
  4. Click tools Option
  5. Select Internet Option
  6. Click Content Tab
  7. After that click certificate option
  8. Select your certificate name
  9. Double click on that
  10. You can find all Details you that and verify

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