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Create Digital signature

How to Create Digital Signature

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Digital signatures are increasingly used in all types of fields, more since we handle, in some cases, official documents on a regular basis through the Internet, so having our signature for this type of work is very important.

That is why we are going to talk about a series of online platforms that will be of great help for this type of work, since its operation is focused on allowing us to draw and download digital signatures so that we can take advantage of them when we need them in the future. In fact, this is a task that, as we will see, is very simple with these applications that we are going to talk about, since we can do all this by following a series of simple steps.

These web applications will allow us to customize aspects such as size, color, or the source of the new creation to suit our needs. Once we have finished with the customization of this important element, as a rule we can download it in PNG format to our computer. Of course, in some cases we will have the opportunity to draw our personal signature with the mouse or with a tablet, all to digitize it, edit it and download the corresponding file.

Free applications to create a digital signature

Free Digital signature

The first application we would be talking about is Docsketch. Docsketch is a creator of online and free digital signatures that allows us to draw a signature, as well as to write its characters so that different samples are generated. Once we have the new signature on the screen, then we can customize it with different fonts and colors. In the same way we can draw our own with the help of the mouse, also using several colors if we wish, all to end up downloading the design in a PNG file.

On the other hand we can also choose to use MyLiveSignature, another alternative that will guide us through a series of intuitive steps. The site allows us to create designs through some steps that we must follow and from which we enter the signature characters, we choose the font, size, angle and color, and then download the final result in PNG.

If what we need is to have a greater amount of customization options, we can also use Mobilefish, a web application similar to the previous ones but with a more attractive interface that will allow us to customize our signature. And it is that in addition to allowing us to introduce a series of customization parameters, we can also create animated signatures, for example, or draw our own.

Create a digital signature yourself

In the case where you do not have any apps, you can create a digital signature all by yourself. Here is what you need to do.

  • Write your signature using a black pen on a neutral background. The best background will be a piece of clear plastic, like a transparency sheet. If clear plastic is unavailable, choose a piece of plain, unmodified white paper. Any background color will be seen behind the signature and may interfere with the appearance of the PDF document.
  • Scan the image at 300 dpi using the black and white text setting. Save the image as a bitmap using a GIF, JPEG or TIFF extension.
  • Convert the image to a vector file using photo-editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Open the image file in the program, click “File”, choose “Save As” and save it as a vector file. Once the image has been converted into a vector file, it can be reopened and edited.
  • Trace the signature using the drawing tool in the software you used to darken the lines and correct any defects in the signature’s appearance.
  • When you have completed the signature, save the signature as a PDF file. Click “File,” select “Save as” and choose “PDF”. Click “OK” to close the signature file.

There you have it. You need not worry any longer about how to create a digital signature anymore. If you are not using the apps mentioned in this article, you can try the old school method of using a pen, paper and a scanner. Microsoft Word and Abode Photoshop are also great tools for creating a digital signature.

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