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Digital signature online

Digital signature online is a mathematical scheme which verifies authenticity of digital message or documents.

It’s used to implement electronic data that carries then intel of signature.

It also provides the layer of validation and security to messages that pass in insecure channels.

In some of the countries DSC online are considered to be legal like the USA, also some European countries.

It uses a standard format of public key infrastructure in providing the high level of security.

Class 2 DSC online

Class 2 DSC online are used for income tax e-filing, company or LLP incorporation, Annual return filing, etc. 

They are required to file document electronically with the Ministry of corporate Affairs and Income Tax Department. 

Class 3 DSC Online

Class 3 DSC  issued to people for varied functions and include primarily high finish security online  activity.

Organization name include in this certificate. Authorities CCA in India that is especially used for bank auction, e-bidding, e-auctioning, patents filing, logos filing and it is used for register of corporations e-filing, VAT return, e-filing, TDS return filing and Income Tax. 

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How Digital signature works?

Every signature is unique in its own way (hand written signature) the DSC online creates two keys for any sender and receiver – Public & private key.

The two keys are mathematically related to each other and the public key can be shared freely with the public and the private key remains accessed only to the owner.

In the protection for the signature PKI requires keys to be related, conducted, saved in a secure place.


The keys are shared with both parties like Alex and Babu, in case Alex send a message to babu he will use the public key.

Babu on receiving the message he will open it with a private key when he decides to reply he encrypt the reply with Alex public key before sending back the Alex will have to open with private key.

You can also conform if the message is truly from the person you claim to have been coming from by decoding finger prints and attaching to the message that’s if the sender has attached it with a finger print.

Digital signature is used in all kind of message those that are crypted or not.

It ensures that receiver got the right message from the right person that is not being tampered.

It’s a kind of prove that a sender can’t denay sending such a message to you.

There digital signature and digital certificate which support most of the modern email programs.

A digital certificate is electronic that contains digital signature in issuing certificate authority.

Most companies get the digital certificate for the safety of sending and receiving valuable documents online and the right signature on the document without being interfered.

Companies that are scattered in many regions work with the trusted certificate authority which use a well standard PKI methodology which prevents any kind of forgery in documents after being signed.

Electronic signature verifies the identity of entity signing it, verify the signing entity intended to affirm documents being signed, verify that indeed electronic signature is associated with the signed documents.

Digital signature links the public key with the signing entity identification, affixed the public key in associating with private key implying the entity wants to use the signature.

It authenticates the signed data or documents.

In case the documents is change the digital signature will not authenticate it.

Type of Digital signature Certificate

Class 1 certificate – This certificate can be offered to individual and the private subscribers.

It conforms the users name and the email address to form an subject within the certifying authority database.

Class 2 Certificate – In this certificate both the business and private individual are offered.

The certificate confirms the information in the application provided by the subscriber does not conflict with that of a well-recognized data base.

Class 3 Certificate – The certificate is issued to individual as well as the organisation.

They are high assured certificates, primary intended for e commerce applications they are issued to individual only on their personal appearance before then certifying authorities.

Aadhaar ekyc OTP – This class of certification issue to individual use based OTP authentication of subscriber through Aadhaar ekyc.

The certificate will confirm the information in digital signature certificate provided by the subscriber is the same information retained in the Aadhar data bases pertaining to the subscriber as Aadhaar holder.

Aadhaar ekyc biometer – This class of certificate is issued to the biometric authentication of subscriber through the Aadhaar ekyc services.

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How to apply for a digital signature?

Log into the website with certifying authority licence, you will be guided by services they offer the you can select on the type of entity you want to apply.

Your will be required to download the form that you are supposed to fill in.

It consists of class of DSC, validly, only sign or sign and encrypt, application name and contact details, residential address, attestation officer and payments details.

Do through to make sure you have completed filling in he form and get your own copy.

Support the document provided as the proof of the identity and address.

Make sure the sign of attesting officer is clear and visible.

You will submit the application with payments to the local registration authority around your residence for verification.

Seal the required documents in an envelop with proof of identity and address, and payment.

Post the envelop to the designated address of the local registration authority for further processing.

After completing all this procedure carefully, You are done applying for the digital signature certificate.

It’s a digital Certificate, so you can only apply for it online, most people get confused on signature online and electronic signature, but they differ.

Where digital signature are used

Digital online are used in a variety of ways like:

Individual use – It helps a person securely send any document to any person without being tempered with.

Business sectors – In business there are number of deals that may require exchange of documents with the investor, partners, shareholders that needs signing this can be done securely online without any frauds.

Filling income Tax – Income return tax is filled by majority of citizens in the country.

signature makes it faster and easier as you can do all the e-filling at home.

ROCs e-filling – Companies are requested to sign with the registrar of companies, digital signature come to handle this.

Finance and insurance – These sectors require a lot of paper work, in applying of loans or clamming insurance digital signature has no limit as it comes into this as a faster and efficient way to transfer documents and signatures to the referred companies.

Returning filling of the GST – For business in India filling of return is so convenient since the digital online is available you can easily fill in the forms online to be processed.

Advantages of digital signature

  • . Digital signature offers high levels of the security, it can easily detect a finger print used to send a certain documents.

  • The Docusigns meet all the PKI requirements in safe signing and maintenance, it identifies an individual through the using the encryption verification of PKI.
  • Digital Signature helps an individual in saving as the printing cost, storage costs, shipping fee and buying of papers expenses are cut down since you can easily sign online and send all the needed documents without been tempered with online
  • You can fill in the fill in the required documents and send back without any information being altered its safe and secure
  • digital signature can work with the support of cloud, technology has advanced it’s not easy for a person to close in of the documents as you can upload the lo cloud for back up
  • Its not like he traditional ways of papers filling space and if its once affected by rain or eaten by rats the document is never reversed
  • Digital signature enhances on the customer relationship for example a customer CA be able to sign contract online and receive all the required documents safely online when making order or even payments
  • He/she doesn’t have a to appear personally for the business to run efficiently

All businesses need digital signature as its easier and faster to do things done.

Disadvantages of digital signature

In case the private key is lost any person can be able to access all the documents and databases, also can be able to send messages via your identity. It must be kept safely.

Its quite expensive as the user will be required to pay more money to use the private and public key in obtaining messages.

Although the signature has the private key it does not assure an individual of the secrecy of his/her data.

One will have to use the encryption and decryption if the data is confidential to keep it safe.

Although the digital signature is good above are some of its limitation.

Digital signature has been in use for year now and maybe it’s the right time for you to apply for it.

It has been globally accepted in running of business, in running a country’s government activities to effectually serve the citizen and adopted for personal use.

As the technology has advanced digital signature are widely used as the highest percentage of individuals around the world run their business online.

Its not safe for the internet to be running to be all the businesses as you will find a lot of scams and frauds taking opportunities like e commerce to earn from them.

. Digital signature is used to avoid such internet frauds and hackers proving total security in the transfers of your data to different individuals.

Digital signature is a technique which is effective in maintenance of integrity and authentication in securing of the database.

You can easily get the digital signature by contacting signyourdoc as we can guide you online to start using it.

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