DIR 3 KYC: A Complete process Director KYC


What is DIR 3 KYC


DIR 3 KYC is a form issue by Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) to complete verification of Director Identification number (DIN). You can Download the form from MCA website. As the new announcements any director who was allotted DIN by 31 march 2018 has to complete KYC verification.

How to complete DIR 3 KYC

Follow these steps to complete KYC

  1. Open MCA Site
  2. Download DIR KYC form
  3. Open form
  4. Enter DIN Details
  5. Enter Name and Address
  6. Enter PAN Card Number
  7. Enter your mobile Verification
  8. Confirm OPT for Mobile verification
  9. Verify for with digital signature
  10. Click submit button

Need Digital Signature?

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How to submit Director KYC form

After submit KYC form and SRN number will generate. This SRN number will use for future correspondence with MCA.  After submit the KYC form a confirmation email received on your registered email Id. You Have to verify that.  

Documents requirements for KYC

  1. Permanent address proof copy
  2. Copy of addhar card
  3. Copy of Pan card
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Proof of Present address
  6. Valid Digital signature

How to avoid Penalty and Disqualification!!

MCA has amended a new rule 12A for Director KYC verification. Every director how has approved DIN number has to complete KYC.

Complete the KYC before due date otherwise penalty of Rs. 5000/- has to submit after due date.

KYC form as to be filed by Individual who hold DIN number.  

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