DSC approval process and Steps

signyourdoc is constantly working towards to amke DSC approval process easy for our client. Tools and technology, to ensure that quicker issuance of dsc is done. 

o that extent we have made considerable progress by streamlining our processes, adding additional manpower, improving internal and external technology requirements. All this has helped us in providing you with the approval in a short span of time, after receipt of the requisite documents.

Steps to get approval fast

We would like to improve the DSC approval times further, but we see that quite a lot of applications are getting rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. Clear documents – id proof/address proof not clear i.e. very hazy or copy not taken properly
  2. Signatures – documents without clear signatures.
  3. Photo graphs – photos not clear or not in accordance with id proof photos
  4. Wrong email ids – wrong email ids on systems(as against the one noted in application form).

Our aim is to provide approval in the shortest possible time as per the CCA guidelines, and in this endeavour we request you to help us in taking care of the above discrepancies.

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If you need any clarification or any support you can contact us or chat with us.

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