DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

DSC full form is digital signature certificate. When you think about DSC and what’s the uses, what comes to your mind? chances are, it’s something related to income tax and GST return filling. But why has it gotten compulsory to get for gst or income tax return filling.  

Well, if you ask any site or person they’ll say it’s because government compulsory for return filling. But that’s only half the story. The reason DSC has compulsory because it’s save your time and money. Today digital world all things are fast and online.   

So, How to apply for DSC?

When you think about to apply dsc you have question in youe mind that, how to apply and what type apply? Yes right. well we are here to help you for that.

There are two type of digital signature certificate:-

  1. Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate:- Class 2 digital signature use for gst, income tax and mca filling.
  2. Class 3 digital signature certificate:- Class 3 type digital signature use for e tendering and e-procurement.  

Select your requirement type and think what type signature you want. when you are clear as your requirement now you are ready to apply certificate online. If you have any confusion still you can simply chat with us and we help you.

What is the cost of DSC?

DSC cost depend of that type digital signature you want to purchase and what type you want to renew. Yes, cost depend of certificate type. We have all certificate type price list on our site you can check. Just simply click on check price list and you can find all price list.

If you have any confusion price and type you can check with us and we solve your problem.

What documents required for DSC application?

These documents are required for online application:-

ID (Identity) proof

  1. Pan Card 
  2. passport 
  3. Driving licence 
  4. Post office id card 
  5. Bank account passbook with transaction copy
  6. Photo id issued by the ministry of home affair of center 
  7. Any government issued ID proof 

Address Proof

  1. Aadhaar Card 
  2. Voter id card 
  3. Driving Licence 
  4. Water bill 
  5. Electricity bill
  6. Latest bank statement 
  7. Service tax/VAT/sales tax registration certificate 
  8. Property Tax/corporation/Municipal corporation receipt 
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