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e procurement

e procurement System for e-tender

e procurement

e Procurement refers to buying or hiring services or getting merchandise through Eplatform.

underneath e-tendering merchandise or services square measure purchased/hired via net portal.

The tenders square measure floated on web site showing demand of services of the desired quality, tentative value is additionally shown and bids square measure invited on line and opened at a selected date & time.

On the premise of bids received the analysis of L-1 (lowest) is finished. On the premise of lowest evaluated bidder the order is placed.

During this manner the products or services is hired at the most competitive costs, in a fair, simply and clear manner.

During this manner e tender is clear, convenient with least time and price overruns. On the opposite hand procural of products, services or merchandise while not victimisation E-platform or e-publishing is manual procural.

Digital signature certificate for e tender portal

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) area unit the digital equivalent (that iselectronic format) of physical or paper certificates.

Examples ofphysical certificates area unit drivers’ licenses, passports or membershipcards.

Certificates function a signal of identity of a private for acertain purpose; as an example, a driver’s licence identifies somebody whocan de jure drive during a specific country.

Likewise, a digital signature can be given electronically to prove the identity of individual, to access info or services on the net or to sign sure documents digitally

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Logging into the system

Following these steps to login portal:-

  1. Open site in internet Explorer 
  2. select login option 
  3. Enter User Id and Password 
  4. Click login button 
  5. Select your digital signature certificate 
  6. Click sign In option 
  7. Enter your USB Token Password

Creating the Tender

Follow these steps to fill tender:-

  • Select the ‘Tender List’ option from the menu
  • The list of tenders published / not published will be displayed
  • Select the ‘Create New Call for Tender’ option to create a new tender
  • Enter the Tender Basic Details
  • On Clicking “Next” below page gets displayed
  • Since the “No of Covers” given in Basic Details is 2
  • First cover will have “Fee / Prequalification / Technical” details and second cover will have “Finance “ details
  • Enter the Document Type and Document Description and click ‘Save’ for each
  • Repeat the same for other two documents of First cover
  • Once all the details of the First cover are given, click “submit”
  • Repeat the same process for the second cover
  • Once the documents for the two covers are submitted, click “Next” to move
    to NIT tab
  • On clicking “Next”, below page gets displayed. Click ‘Upload’ option to upload
    the Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) Document
  • Only .jpeg and .pdf files can be uploaded here
  • Click “Browse” to upload the NIT Document
  • Click “scan and sign” to digitally sign the uploaded document
  • Enter the DSC password and click “OK”
  • Once the document is digitally signed click “Save”
  • Once the document is uploaded, Verification needs to be done for the
    uploaded document
  • On Clicking “save” below page gets displayed. Click ‘Verify’ to verify the
  • On clicking “verify” below page gets displayed
  • Open the document and check if it is correct and tick the check box by clicking it. Click the ‘Signed Property’ to view the person who has signed the document and the date & time at which the document was signed. When the document is open, check if the document is correct and click ‘Save’ . The following page appears
  • Action gets changed from “Verify” to “Verified”
  • Click “Next“ to proceed
  • The following page with the basic details, cover details and NIT document gets
  • Click “Add New” to add the Work/Item details of the Tender
  • Creation of Tender Work/Item Details
  • Enter the “Work Item Details” and click “Next” to move to the “Fee details” tab
  • Enter Fee Details
  • Critical Dates
  • On clicking “Next”, below page gets displayed
  • Enter the dates and click “Next”.
  • Bid Opener Selection
  • Click “Next” to move to “Bid Openers” tab
  • “Bid Openers in your department”
  • “Show all Bid openers in your Organization”
  • “Bid Openers in same level in Organization”
  • “Bid openers in Vertical level(up and down by one level)”
  • Click “Bid Openers in Quick selection”
  • On clicking “Bid Openers in Quick selection”, below page appears
  • Select two Bid Openers and click “Verify”
  • On successful verification below, click “proceed” followed by “submit”
  • Work Item Documents
  • Select the work item document to be uploaded
  • Select document type (BOQ / Additional Documents / Tender Documents) from
    the list
  • Click Browse to select the tender document to be uploaded
  • Click here to know more about BOQ
  • Once the document is uploaded click “scan and sign” to digitally sign the
  • Enter your DSC password and click “OK”
  • Once the documents is signed below message gets displayed
  • Once the document is uploaded click “verify” to verify the uploaded document
  • On clicking “verify”. Below page gets displayed
  • Open the document and check if it is correct and tick the check box by clicking it. Click the ‘Signed Property’ to view the person who has signed the document and the date & time at which the document was signed. When the document is open, check if the document is correct and click ‘check BOQ’
  • Click “Save” once the document is verified
  • OID[Other Important Documents]
  • On clicking “save”, below page gets displayed
  • There are two type of documents
  • Sensitive – Documents which include financial details of tender.Ex.Fee
  • Non Sensitive – Documents other than financial details. Ex. License
  • On clicking next below page gets displayed. Click “Publish Tenders” to publish
    the tender
  • List of tenders gets displayed. Select your tender and click “view
  • Created tender gets displayed
  • Click “Publish Tender” to publish the tenders
  • Once the tender gets published below message gets displayed.

How to fill e-tender Online/ Bid submission

Follow these steps to bid submission:-

  1. Logging into the system
  2. Insert Bidder’s DSC(Digital signature certificate)
  3. To perform the clarification process, enter the login and password in user login
  4. Select the DSC login
  5. Authentication of the DSC user login takes place here and
  6. Authentication of the DSC password takes place by entering the password in the pop up appearing
  7. Search the tender using tender id to post the query
  8. Add the tender to ‘my tenders’ tab for which you want to perform clarification
  9. To perform clarification process select clarification tab under bid submission column
  10. Select view to view the tender details.
  11. The following page displays how to post clarifications about the tender
  12. Mention the clarification title and the clarification that is required , in the clarification tab and then upload the clarification document and digitally sign the uploaded document
  13. After digitally signing the document select proceed to post your clarification to
    the department
  14. The following page displays that the clarification is successfully posted

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