3 Steps process for emudhra renewal DSC

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How to do emudhra renewal of digital signature

emudhra renewal of digital signature as same as apply new dsc. You have to submit documents again.

emudhra digital signature issue with 1 or 2 year validity. After expire certificate validity you can renew online any type of certificate. 

After expire dsc (digital signature certificate) lot’s of costumers are confuse. They don’t know how to renew online or after expire they purchase new certificate.

You can renew your old dsc and use your old token. According to new guideline of cca you have to submit documents again for renewal digital signature and have to compete verification process again. 

It’s look like you are going to apply new certificate, but you can use your old usb token to download that certificate and you can save your money or time. 

Select your certificate type, what type certificate you have class 2 or class 3 and apply online. After that download dsc form and submit again.

DSC renewal charges

DSC renewal charges are same as new certificate charge, but you can save usb token cost. You don’t have to pay token charge again. 

You can use you old token to download renewal certificate. If you lost or damage your old token, in that condition you can apply new token for that and you have to pay token charge with that. 

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