epass 2003 Driver Update

epass 2003 driver update

epass 2003 Driver update USB Token 2018 online

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epass 2003 Driver Update As per new CCA guidelines, “Security Requirements for Crypto Devices”, Version 1.0, coming in effect from 01 July 2018, crypto devices, including ePass2003/Auto Tokens, are upgrading to implement new regulations. Existing tokens with Digital Signature stored as on 30th June 2018 will keep on working as earlier, though after 01st July 2018, new certificates cannot be issued on existing tokens.
To use ePass Tokens which are not yet used for downloading Digital Signature, they must be updated to ePass v2.0.

We have designed 2 modes for Update Process;

  1. Interactive Mode – Less-technical and recommended for stock less than 100 Tokens – simple, repetitive process.
  2. Batch Mode – Recommended for more than 100 Token stock, USB Hub with any number of USB ports can be used to speed-up Step 1. Different steps can be assigned to different person on different PCs to minimize time.

Choose your topic;

1. Interactive Mode - Update Old ePass CSP v1.0 Tokens to New ePass CSP v2.0

2. Batch Mode - Update Old ePass CSP v1.0 Tokens to New ePass CSP v2.0

1. Interactive Mode - Update Old ePass CSP v1.0 Tokens to New ePass CSP v2.0

Please Note: Step 1 & 2 requires Internet Connection all time. Step 3 can be performed anytime as per convenience and do not require Internet, Step 3 (Only) will be always free.

  1. Create your Account to generate FREE* ePass “Update Key” Algorithm from http://update.epasstokens.com/Account/Login > Click on Register Button.
epass login

Create your account and verify it through OTP received on your mobile number. Once Verification done, please log-in to your user account. Log-in will bring you to Interactive Mode “Update Key” Algorithm as below;

Epass Intraction mode

leave the web page open and move to Step 2.
{Recommendation} Do not use this key to update ePass with DSC.

Step 2: Download the ePass Update Application, File No. 2 as below figure, from https://www.hyperpki.com/ePass_v2_Update/
Unzip and run the file “ePass-Update-Application.exe”.
{Recommendation} Copy the file to Desktop for repeated use.

Running this application will bring you to window as below figure;

Click on Interactive Mode. This will bring you to window as below figure;

update driver

Insert (single) ePass Token to USB Port and you will see the Token Serial Number as above figure, press copy button.
Switch to the webpage which you left while shifting to Step 2; Paste the Token Serial Number and press “Generate” button

epass 2003 update

Switch to ePass Update Application and paste Update Key > Click Update Button
And this updates your token to ePass v2.0
Warning: Do not remove token during process.

epass update

This completes update process for Normal ePass2003 Tokens, for Auto Tokens go to Step 3.
Step 3: This process is optional but recommended to update driver file inside token to ePass Middleware Version 180701, which supports ePass v2.0 Tokens. (Only for Auto Tokens.)
Download the Update Driver File Inside Token Tool, File No. 3 as below figure, from https://www.hyperpki.com/ePass_v2_Update/
Unzipping the downloaded folder will bring you to below screen;

epass driver

It is mandatory to keep all 3 files in the same folder, you can keep it in folder or on Desktop (all 3 files) to save time.
{Recommendation} Copy all 3 files to Desktop for repeated use.
Run: Update-Driver-File-Inside-Token.exe and select the “es2003_180701.iso

epass iso

And press “Update” button

epass iso update

This completes 1 Token update cycle, unplug the token and repeat Step 2 & 3 on next token. Skipping Step 2 will not update token to ePass v2.0
Note: Need not to download these application and tool repeatedly, it’s one time process.
{Recommendation} Assign different computer/person for Step 3 if available to minimize time. Token can be unplugged after Step 2 and can be plugged in to separate computer for Step 3.

2. Batch Mode - Update Old ePass CSP v1.0 Tokens to New ePass CSP v2.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take 6/10 Tokens on your desk and please read through full document to understand process.

Understand Batch Mode to use it effectively and save time, cost and manpower;
• To generate “Update Key” it requires Token Serial Number, Batch Mode helps you to get any number of “Update Key” in a single click by uploading Token Serial Number “csv” file to Bulk Key generation webpage.
• It has 2 components;
1. Token Serial Number “SN.csv” file which needs to be uploaded &
2. The “UpdateKeys.ini” which you get in return
• To generate “SN.csv” you need to perform Step 1, which can be performed at any location where bulk tokens are physically present, which also means your partner/reseller can send you this file for their token stock.
• Once you get “SN.csv” you can perform Step 2 and provide them “UpdateKeys.ini” which requires to update token stock, “UpdateKeys.ini” can be used through Step 3.

Batch Mode process reduces cost of moving token from one location to other. Step 1 | Step 2 & 3 | Step 4 can be performed on different computers/location to minimize time.
Please Note: Step 1 can be performed offline, Step 2 & 3 requires Internet Connection during entire duration, Step 4 can be performed anytime as per convenience and do not require Internet, Step 4 (only) will be always free.
We suggest to complete Step 1, 2 & 3 on priority and Step 4 can be performed anytime thereafter as per convenience.
We {recommend} use of Multiport USB Hub for Step 1 to read multiple Token serial number at same time and write them to SN.csv file.

To understand whole Batch process easily we strongly RECOMMEND make 2 batches of 3 or 5 tokens and process those while reading each step below, this will make entire process very clear to you and your team.
Performing update process on 2 sample batches of 3 or 5 tokens while reading these steps will make it quick and simple to understand. 

How you can update your old epass 2003 Driver Update online.

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