Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Answer digital signature


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Digital signature certificate

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Digital signature certificate

Digital signature is an electronic signature that use to sign and documents and apply and application online. It”s provide identity how sign or apply application. It’s save cost and time, same as hand written signature.What is Digital signature certificate?

Digital signature certificate same as digital signature. It’s a electronic certificate that’s use to sign documents and apply any application online.

DSC is a short form of Digital signature certificate. That’s provide online security of your transaction and your sign documents.

It’s compulsory now these day . If your going to fill your Income Tax return and want to registered your company you need certificate. If you are going to apply any online application now these day you need that.

You can purchase online. You can apply application online. we provide you all support and services for that. Its secure and easy to apply online.
Click buy digital signature option and select your certificate that you want and apply online easily.

You can simply insert USB Token in your system and install it’s driver in your system. After that your USB system automatically ready your DSC. When you need to sign and documents or want to use your sign system show you your sign.
You have to select your certificate name and enter password and you can use you certificate.

You can get class 2 DSC online. It’s very easy and simple to apply online. You can apply any type of online. Just click on buy digital signature option and apply online.

You can apply class 2 DSC online. Click here for class 2 Digital signature and apply online. Your DSC will deliver in 2 working day at your doorstep.

Click here for class 3 Digital signature and apply online. Apply online and fill digital signature form and your DSC will deliver in your doorstep. Open link and check complete process.

You can apply DSC for gst online. class 2 certificate required for gst. You can apply and fill your GST return online. Click here for Digital signature for GST.

Class 2 DSC for MCA21. You can apply certificate online and complete your MCA work. Click here digital signature for MCA21

Class 3 DSC required for e tender and e procurement. You can apply any type of Digital signature for this type of certificate in All India. You can apply any amount of tender from this certificate. Just click here for Digital signature for e tender, e procurement.

Class 2 DSC required for IEC code. You can apply for IEC code for this type of certificate. Just click here for class 2 digital signature.

Class 3 DSC required for iecgate. If you want to application on iecgate site then you need class 3 Certificate for that. You can apply online this digital signature. Just click here for Digital signature for Iecgate.

A Certificate expressly associates the identity of associate individual/device with a try of electronic keys – public and personal keys – and this association is supported by the CA. The certificate contains info a couple of user’s identity (for example, their name, pincode, country, email address, the date the certificate was issued and also the name of the Certifying Authority that issued it).
These keys complement one another in this one doesn’t perform within the absence of the opposite. they’re employed by browsers and servers to write and decode info relating to the identity of the certificate user throughout info exchange processes. The personal secret’s keep on the user’s pc magnetic disc or on associate external device like a token. The user retains management of the personal key; it will solely be used with the issued secret.
The public secret’s disseminated with the encrypted info. The authentication method fails if either one among these keys in not obtainable or don’t match. this implies that the encrypted knowledge can’t be decrypted and thus, is inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Yes, certificate are valid in India. CCA India control this type of certificate. Information Technology Act 2000 in India allow to in India.

A Certificate could be an electronic technique of linguistic communication associate degree electronic document whereas a Digital Signature Certificate is a pc based mostly record that.

Identifies the Certifying Authority issuing it.
Has the name and other details that can identify the subscriber.
Contains the subscriber’s public key.
Is digitally signed by the Certifying Authority issuing it.
Is valid for either one year or two years.

A Certifying Authority a trustworthy agency whose central responsibility is to issue, revoke, renew and supply directories for Certificates. consistent with Section twenty four of the knowledge Technology Act 2000, “Certifying Authority” suggests that an individual WHO has been granted a license to issue Certificates.

The IT Act 2000 details the prerequisites of a CA. Accordingly, a prospective CA has to establish the required infrastructure, get it audited by the auditors appointed by the office of Controller of Certifying Authorities. Subsequent to complete compliance of all requirements, a license to operate as a Certifying Authority can be obtained. The license is issued by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.

A RA (Registration Authority) is an agent of the Certifying Authority who collects the application forms and related documents for Signature Certificates, verifies the information submitted and approves or rejects the application based on the results of the verification process

he Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) is a Government of India undertaking that license and regulate the working of Certifying Authorities.
The CCA certifies the public keys of CAs, which enables users in the cyberspace to verify that a given certificate is issued by a licensed CA. For this purpose, CCA operates, the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI).
The CCA also maintains the National Repository of Certificate (NRDC), which contains all the certificates issued by all the CAs in the country.

RCAI is the Root Certifying Authority of India. It was established by the CCA under Section 18(b) of the IT Act and is responsible for digitally signing the public keys of all the licensed CAs in the country.
The RCAI root certificate is the highest level of certification in the country. The RCAI root certificate is a self-signed certificate.
The key activities of the RCAI include:

Digitally signing licenses issued by CCA to CA
Digitally signing public keys corresponding to private keys of a CA
Ensuring availability of these signed certificates for verification by a Relying Party through the CCA or CA website

DSC issue in same day in 2 Hours.

For Individual pan card, address proof and one colour photo required.

For Organization Pan card, address proof, company certificate, Bank statement and ITR copy required.

No need to physically present for digital signature. You can apply for DSC online and after that you can complete mobile and video verification from your system or mobile and your DSC ready.

signyourdoc has strict policy on the use of applicant and customer information. e-Mudhra will not disclose such information, except as required by the law.

No, details cannot be changed. You need to revoke the current certificate and apply for a new one by following the same process as the one you used for the earlier certificate.

signyourdoc provides a facility where in you can check for the correctness of your details just before downloading of the certificate. If you are not satisfied with your details displayed, you can reject the application.

A Certificate can be revoked under circumstances such as the following:-

Users suspect compromise of certificate private key.
Change of personal data.
Change of relationship with the organization

Yes, A person have two DSC and you can use same for your work.

Class 1 certificate: This digital certificate is issued to a personal for private use. User might use the certificate to prove the believability of his identity or of the data shared by him. it’s obligatory for a personal, applying for a category one certificate, to possess a sound e­mail id.

Class 2 certificate: this kind of digital signature is issued to people attached a company in addition as for the private use of a personal. category a pair of certificate is employed to complete transactions that involves the Ministry of company affairs or the Registrar of firms. someone applying for a category a pair of certificate must gift a sound identity proof in addition because the address proof.

Class 3 certificate: thought of because the most exclusive digital certificate of all, category three certificate is that the definitive identity authentication and security mean. it’s obligatory for organizations and people concerned in on-line e-­tendering, e-­procurement, patent filing and trademark filing method to possess a sound category three certificate. it’s essential for the person applying for this kind of certificate to register his physical presence before the certifying authority.

You can use Certificates for:

Income Tax
IEC Code
Proving the authenticity of a trademark
Proving authorship of a digital content
Identifying participants of an online transaction
Encrypting an information in an e­mail
Secure exchange of information and online transactions

Certificate Validation refers to the procedure of determining the status of a certificate I.e. whether it is valid, expired or revoked. DSC has a validity period of one , two and three years.

Validation of a Digital Certificate is required to check the status of a digital certificate, to ensure that the digital certificate is valid for use and has not been revoked, changed or has expired.

An E-tokens may be a secure hardware device that contains personal and public key certificates, and a cache of alternative certificates. E-Tokens enhance the protection of knowledge on public and personal networks. E-tokens will be accustomed generate and supply secure storage for passwords and Digital certificates, for secure authentication, digital linguistic communication and coding.

certificate and issue with 1 and 2 year validity, but recently we issue 3 year validity also.

Yes you can renew your expire certificate online any time. After renewal you can download DSC in your old toke. You don’t have to purchase new token.

You can apply your certificate online and make any type of certificate. You can make class 2, class 3 and DGFT type of online.
Click here to make Digital signature

You can apply Certificate online and we create your digital signature online. we can create any type of dsc like class 2, class 3 or DGFT any you want.
Click here to create digital signature online.

You can Download form our site any kind of digital signature form. You can download class 2, class 3, DGFT, sify, emudhra ncode form.
Click here for Download Digital signature form.

We provide you complete validation process. Follow these process for validate.
Click here for validate digital signature

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