Gram Panchayat Digital Signature Certificate

Gram Panchayat Digital Signature certificate

As Govt. of India new announcement for gram panchyat digital signature. Now all gram panchyat work done with DSC (Digital signature certficate).

Class 2 Digital signature required for that, with help of this class 2 dsc you can complete your work online.

As new notice Tehsildar and Gram Panchayat Pradhan need there name digital signature.

Digital signature required for smooth processing of issuing Domicile certificate, FTOs (Mengera and PMAYG), and e-tendering.


Information technology has a vital role to play in all transactions that government undertaken.

It helps the government cut red tapism, avoid corruption, and reach citizens directly.

Such initiatives will help citizens learn about the various policies, process and help the lives that the government offers.

This application will help to maintain all daily transactions which take place in Grampanchayat. This paper provides the application for reducing paper work at Grampanchayat and e services will give the simple  servicing.

It also encloses the fact of reducing the labor of paper work. Here digital signature will play an important role in deploying such services. In day to day transactions e-Governance has become part of every citizen’s governmental transactions and realizing its importance the government of India, also focus is given to deliver the services in a simple manner.

The basic aim of intelligent system used in E Governance can be used to give quick response and delivery of birth or death certificate by the municipal corporation.

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