mahatenders Digital signature, Registration process

How to get digital signature for mahatenders

Maharashtra government lunch new portal for electronic tender. Digital signature for mahatenders are required for participate online tenders. Class 3 digital signature required for online bidding and registration. 

signyourdoc provide digital signature certificate for your e-tendering process. You can apply for dsc and we help you to get your dsc on time and support regarding this. registration process

Follow these steps to registration in 

  1. Open site mahatenders site
  2. Click on user login Option 
  3. Click online bidder enrollment option under login option 
  4. Enter a Valid email address 
  5. Provide a password which must be minimum 8 characters
  6. confirm the password again 
  7. Enter company details as ask by portal 
  8. Provide contact details as ask.
  9. Click on submit button.
  10. Verify all Details and click submit button.

Digital signature registration process

follow these steps to registration dsc on portal:-

  1. The bidder first register on portal for dsc registration.
  2. Valid class 3 DSC required for DSC registration.
  3. Bidders need 24 hrs prior to DSC registration.
  4. Login your account by entering your use id and password
  5. Click on signing certificate.
  6. Select your certificate Name 
  7. Click on Ok button 
  8. Enter DSC password and click ok button.
  9. Click next button after that.
  10. Enter your GST Details and click save button. 
  11. Your dsc register successfully. 

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