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DSC (n)Code Solutions, a division of GNFC Ltd. offers Certificates that can integrate with applications such as emails, workflow, enterprise wide applications, or secure VPNs.

The Digital Certificates can be used by individuals, corporates and governments to secure online B2B/B2C applications and other online transactions.

(n)Code will now issue DSC Certificates as per New Interoperability Guidelines ver 2.0

Certificates, (DSC) are simply the electronic equivalent of physical or paper certificates that establish identity such as drivers licenses, passports or PAN cards.

These certificates can prove to be helpful for many online transactions that require digital proof of identities and to receive and send information on the web, safely and securely.

These certificates can also be useful for encrypting information that only the intended recipient can access.

Class 2 certificates are issued to individuals as well as authorized persons of organization.

The Class 2 Certificate is intended to use for sign, and Encryption of messages. It is issued based on the verification of the application form and the certificate request.

The Applicant/Subscriber submits the Certificate Application and the documents as mentioned in the check list given in the application form.

The certificate is available for download from the certifying authority server once the documents are verified and the application approved by the certifying authority.

Class 2 Certificate identification process is a method of authenticating a certificate applicant’s identity, and it does not require the applicant’s personal appearance before the RA.

Class 2 DSC Certificates are generally used for filing documents where the risk and consequence of data compromise are moderate like Income Tax Return Filing, Registrar of Companies, VAT & EPFO.

A Class 3 DSC Certificate is the highest level as it is issued only after the registrant’s in-person verification has been carried out by the Registration Authority.

Class 3 Certificates are issued to Individuals, authorized executives of Organization as well as Servers.

Class 3 Certificates provide important assurances of the identity of individual subscribers by requiring their personal (physical) appearance before an RA or CA.

Class 3 Certificate is intended to use for financial transactions which may involve considerable risk and consequence thereof. It is generally used in eTenders, Reverse auctions¸, signing of financially sensitive documents like invoices and Form 16.

Many tenders now require a Class 3 Signing with Encryption certificate, where the encryption certificate is used to encrypt the financial data in the tender bid.


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