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Digital signature process

Understanding what is Digital signature

What is Digital signature

A Digital signature is a electronic computer technology that contain the data (Individual details, email Id, Mobile no and address) The digital signature provide identity and authentication of signed person. Digital signature also provides approval of person that they sign the documents. In digital signature algorithms, digital signature generates public key and private key. The public key is available public like for anyone. The private key only for sender. The private key encrypts the data so no one can see the message.

After sign any type of documents you can send via online to anyone that you want. It’s safe to send anyone. When receiver receive the file, he/she verify the digital signature first. After successfully verify digital signature receiver decrypts the message using digital signature using the public key.

If the receiver not have valid digital signature then he/she not decrypt the message or file. So, the receiver also needs then valid digital signature with public and private key. If you file send wrongly with any thy not misuse the file or not able to open the file. 

Digital signature creates unique identity and public and private key for every digital signature and protect user information. Digital signature more secure then any other system.

Understanding Why you need digital signature

Digital signature process

Digital signature increases the transparency of online work or online documents and other office business. Digital signature make life easier and very fast. This technology reduce time, man power for work and make process fast and secure. With help of this technology you can easily manage your every single documents and file. You can save file as long as you want with secure system.

These days are long gone, when you use printer, scanner, mailing and deliver physical documents or post documents. This is very log process and more coastally. Now these days digital signature is became everywhere. Digital signature is the most important technology for digital world. They can provide security and legal validity.

Digital signature also legal in India. All Governments portal now online for application. Now these days if you want to register your company then you need digital signature for application at mca portal. According to MCA21 new announcement all director has to verify their identity with digital signature.

Income Tax Portal also required digital signature. If you are going to file your income tax return then digital signature required for income tax filing. If you lost your income tax password you can foregate your password with DSC. DSC for Income tax is mandatory.

GST Registration or GST return filing you can complete with DSC. All Government system like MCA, Income Tax, GST, ROC, TDS and e-tendering system they all need digital signature for registration or login the portal.

Understanding type of certificate allow by CCA India

In India CCA (controller of certifying Authorities) manage the certificate. CCA of India provide licence CA’s for issue digital signature in India. As per act section 18 of Act, 2000 only licence certificate authority issue digital signature in India. DSC are now accepted as handwritten signature of then electronic format. Documents or invoice that digitally sign accept as legal documents.

There are 3 Type of Certificate Available: –

  1. Class 2 Digital signature
  2. Class 3 Digital signature
  3. DGFT Digital signature

Class 2 Digital Signature

Class 2 DSC mostly use for Income tax, GST, MCA, epfo and ROC. Class 2 DSC issue for Individual person name. 

Class 3 Digital signature

Class 3 DSC use for online e-tendering and e-budding. Class 3 certificate is very high-level certificate. It’s provided high security. You can issue this type of certificate Individual or with organization Name.

DGFT Digital signature

DGFT Digital signature use for Export-Import only. They contain export and import details in Certificate.

Anyone can issue digital signature from these certificate authorities. The CCA certifies the public keys of ca’s using its own private key.

Understanding Licence certificate authority by CCA India

What is licence certificate authority?

You have this type of question all the time, that who is licence certificate authority and who authorise these certificate authorities to issue digital signature.

Well in India CCA (controller of certifying Authorities) manage the certificate authority. CCA provide the licence to issue digital signature in India. Only these licence certificate authority issue DSC in India and these issued DSC is valid for legal. You can purchase digital signature from these authorities and use for Income tax, MCA, GST and Documents sign. These types of digital signature use and promote of e-commerce and e-governance. These certificate authority issue dsc under ITC Act, 2000.  

Licence Certificate authority by CCA

  1. Emudhra
  2. Ncode
  3. Sify safescrypt
  4. Capricorn
  5. Vsign
  6. Idrbt
  7. NSDL
  8. CDAC

How to issue or apply digital signature

As we told you before digital signature issue by licence certificate authority. You can apply digital signature from these licence certificate authorities. These licence certificate authority issue DSC in validity. Normally DSC issue in 1- or 2-year Validity. After expire the certificate you can renew your certificate.

In the starting time Digital signature issue in .pfx file, But according to new CCA guideline, digital signature download in USB token online. .pfx file not issue from the licence certificate authority.

USB token provide security of digital signature and protect with password. So, if you can lose your USB token then no one misuse your DSC. After lost you can cancel or revoke your certificate.

USB token is hard drive like pen drive that use to store the certificate. Every USB token has inbuild driver to run this USB token in your system.

To apply DSC online there are 2 option: –

  1. Documents Base
  2. Addhar KYC

1. Documents Base

  1. In this type of process you need to download application form of DSC. Every certificate authority has their own type of DSC application form. You need you contact them or download certificate form and fill this form with blue pan.

Also, they ask for some documents to issue digital signature. Click here for check documents list.

2. Addhar KYC

In this type of process you no need to provide documents or submit any type of physical documents. In this process KYC complete with your addhar database. You need to enter your addhar card no and Compete process of KYC with addhar Card.

Cost of digital signature

Digital signature cost depends on licence certificate authority. All licence certificate authority has their own digital signature price list. DSC price depends on certificate validity also. Signyourdoc also issue digital signature with all these licence certificate authorities. Normally class 2 DSC issue in Rs. 699/- and Class 3 DSC issue at 2599/- with USB token and 2-year Validity.

Certificate price also depend of certificate type. There is 3 type of digital signature and all 3 have different price. Class 2 DSC is very low-cost DSC.

After Class 2 DSC, class 3 DSC comes and class 3 DSC price may high according class 3. Because class 3 digital signature is high security level signature. Class 3 DSC comes with signing Encryption.

Signyourdoc offer best digital signature price is India. Click here for Price

Documents list for apply digital signature

Documents required for apply digital signature online. There is 2 type of DSC issue in India.

  1. Pan Base Digital signature
  2. Without Pan Card digital signature

Pan Base Digital signature

This type of Digital signature, DSC issue with pan card. In this type of DSC certificate have pan card details. Pan Card No. and copy mandatory for this type of digital signature. This type of certificate use for Income Tax, GST and MCA. Because pan Card data match with these portals. One Address proof copy more required with pan card copy.

Without Pan Card Digital signature

In this type of certificate pan card No not required, DSC issue without pan card. Two address proof copy required for this type of certificate. But this type of certificate you can’t use for Income tax, MCA and GST. Because Pan card mandatory these sites.

If you want to issue digital signature with Organization name or Government departments, then you need to provide origination proof with Individual Proof. Organization registration certificate, ITR and Bank statement mandatory for these types of certificate.

If Digital signature required for Government Department office employee the employee id proof and department authorise letter mandatory with Individual documents.

Click here for check complete documents list with category.   

Digital signature verification process

So, once you successfully purchase digital signature and after submit documents the nest steps come for verification of your digital signature. According to new CCA guideline Mobile and video verification mandatory for issue for Individual digital signature. At apply time you have to provide valid mail Id and Valid Mobile no for Verification process.

According to new rules Unique mobile No and email Id required for Application Process. You can’t use that mobile no and email ID to another application.

Application need to complete mobile and video verification to compete verification process. Applicant need to verify their identity to issue digital signature online.

Click here to check DSC verification process

If you want to issue DSC for Government office employee then no need to complete mobile and video verification. You can provide authorise letter from departments and you can skip the verification process.

Digital signature download in USB token process

After Compete the verification process your application verify and approve by the certificate authority. Once successfully approve the application you can receive the approval mail on registered mail. You can find download process on that mail.

For download Digital signature you need CCA certified USB token to download the DSC. Download the certificate you need Window 7 and Above system. All certificate authority has the different download process. You can receive process on email for Download DSC.

At downloading time Public Key and Private key store in your USB Token. USB token are password protected so you need to select password of your USB token at download time.

Once Download the certificate in USB token you certificate is ready to use you can check your certificate validity.

According to latest Update by CCA you need Updated or New token V2.0 for Download the Certificate. If you have old V1.0 Token the you need to update this token. Click here for check Update Process.

Where and which site accept digital signature

If you Complete above all steps then you have your digital signature in your hand. Now you can start use this certificate for online process or application. Certificate Comes with Validity after expire you can renew your certificate with same process.

All Government Site accept Digital signature. These some example of use digital signature: –

Income Tax

Income tax of India made mandatory the digital signature. If you want to file income tax return or login your income tax account.


If you want to start new company of you want to register this company. So you need digital signature for GST registration and company registration. Digital signature is mandator for GST filing and GST registration.


Ministry of corporate affairs also need digital signature certificate. If you want to apply for DIN No. then digital signature required fir Registration for MCA filing.


Export-Import online registration complete with digital signature online. DSC is mandatory for Export-Import trade.


Apply for online e-tender and e-budding then class 3 digital signature required for that. Online e-tendering portal now online for all type of tender. You can bid any type of tender with help of digital signature.

There are also may site like epfo, Scholarship portal, trademark, icegate, Roc, TDS and other many portal those accept digital signature.

How to renew certificate after expire

After Expire validity of your digital signature you can renew your certificate anytime. According to new rule you need to complete all process again for renew your certificate. After ready your renewal certificate you can download certificate again your old USB token. You no need to purchase new USB token, you can download your renewal certificate in your old token.

After renew your certificate you can use your certificate like old one. Once renew your certificate you need to update your renew certificate to all site where you use. You can find Update certificate option to all site. Simply click on that option and register your renew certificate details.

Check complete process for renewal

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