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Sify Digital signature
How to Get Sify digital signature Franchise?

How to Get safescrypt Digital Signature franchise

Sify Digital signature

Sify digital signature became India’s first Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) under the IT Act of 2000. Our flagship managed CA public key infrastructure (PKI) services are offered from our world-class data center in Chennai.

This global, standards-based PKI issues millions of digital identities.

While cryptography-based technologies hold immense potential to solve a large spectrum of business problems, deployment is often tricky.

Designing a solution that incorporates business and audit requirements in compliance with legal and regulatory mandates is complex.

It’s even harder to provide these services in a user-friendly and infrastructure-efficient manner.

That’s why so many businesses and individuals turn to Sify for our SafeScrypt brand of data security solutions. Our data security solutions help organizations deal with the challenges associated with privacy, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation of electronic transactions to enable secure end-to-end electronic business.

What is sifysafescrypt?

Sify Digital signature certificates offers for a wide array of services and is one of the few players in the market to do so.

Digital signatures are used in India for online transactions such as filing annual return, E-tenders, tax E-filing, etc.

A digital signature is a mathematical way of validating the authenticity of a software, digital document or message.

Digital signature offers a inherit security to your digital documents by cryptographically encrypting them to validate the authenticity and secure messages.

The digital certificate includes details about the public key, the identity ownership and the digital sign of the entity that has issued the certificate.

Types of Digital signature certificate

There are different types of sify digital signature certificates for different purpose

  1. Class 1 Certificate 
  2. Class 2 certificate 
  3. Class 3 certificate

Sify Class 2 Digital Signature

Class 2 Digital Certificate can be issued for both business & individual use. These certificates confirm the authenticity of the application. These are usually used for filing Income tax documents, registration of companies & VAT.

Sify Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital Certificate is the highest level of certification issued, primarily issued for e-commerce application, they can be issued for individuals only after their personal appearance before the certifying authorities. These are issued for e-tendering which is a procurement process that is conducted online.

How Digital signature works?

Digital signature certificates are a type of public key cryptography also called asymmetric cryptography.

Using an algorithm one will be able to generate a couple of keys which are mathematically linked to one being private and the other public.

In order to create a digital signature certificate, a one-way hash needs to be created upon which the private key is used to encrypt the hash.

The reason for encrypting only the hash instead of the entire document or content is that a hash function can convert an arbitrary input into a fixed length value.

The value assigned to the hash is unique to the hashed content. Any changes to the contents even altering a single character can result in a different value.

This enables others to validate the integrity of the data by using the key provided by the signer to decrypt the hash.

If the decrypted hash matches the second hash of the same content it proves that the data is authentic and not tampered in any manner.

How to use sify digital signature

how to use sify digital signature

Digital signature services as a strong and reliable digital identity, the authentication solution provide value of data. 

We help to protect your digital data and provide you best security. Digital signature comes in USB token that provide security of your DSC.

Our solution cover everything form purchase to services. We also provide the encryption services of your data and secure your Data. 

sify digital signature verification number

1800419292 is toll-free no of sify to Complete mobile verification and other technical issue solution. It’s a toll free costumer care No.

You can call 9AM to 8 PM Monday-Saturday.  

sify dsc partner

sify DSC partner

Sify safescrypt has lunch partner program. In this program you can create your Login account of sify ERA server. 

Fill this form to apply sify DSC partner program.

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