Central Public works Department (CPWD)

tenderwizard cpwd

Tenderwizard cpwd (Central Public works Department)

tenderwizard cpwd
  1. This book of “General Conditions of Contract” is applicable to both types of tenders i.e.” Percentage rate tenders and Item rate tenders”. Accordingly, alternative provisions for conditions Nos. 4, 10 & 12 of the General Rules and Directions are given in this book. The appropriate alternatives will be applicable in specific cases depending on whether this is used for percentage rate tender (CPWD-7) or item rate tender (CPWD-8)
  2. CPWD-6, Schedules A to F, special conditions/specificat ons and drawings only will be issued to intending bidders. The standard form will not be issued along with the Tender Documents but the same shall form part of the agreement to be drawn and signed by both parties after acceptance of tender.
  3. All blanks are confined to Notice Inviting Tender (CPWD-6) and Schedules A to F.
  4. Authority approving the Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT) shall fill up all the blanks in CPWD-6 and in Schedules B to F before issue of Tender Papers.
  5. The intending bidders will quote their rates in Schedule A.
  6. The proforma for registers and Schedules A to F are only for information and guidance. These are not to be filled in the Standard Form.  The Schedules with all blanks, duly filled, shall be separately issued to all intending tenderers

Important Instruction points

  1. All Department users and vendors are required digital signature certificate. 
  2. DSC is issued by certified authority CCA.
  3. Class 3 DSC required for online budding. 

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General Rules & Directions

  1. All work proposed for execution by contract will be notified in a form of invitation to tender pasted in public places and signed by the officer inviting tender or by publication in News papers or posted on website as the case may be.
  2. This form will state the work to be carried out, as well as the date for submitting and opening tenders and the time allowed for carrying out the work, also the amount of earnest money to be deposited with the tender, and the amount of the security deposit and Performance guarantee to be deposited by the successful tenderer and the percentage, if any, to be deducted from bills. Copies of the specifications, designs and drawings and any other documents required in connection with the work signed for the purpose of identification by the officer inviting tender shall also be open for inspection by the contractor at the office of officer inviting tender during office hours.
  3. In the event of the tender being submitted by a firm, it must be signed separately by each partner thereof or in the event of the absence of any partner, it must be signed on his behalf by a person holding a power-of attorney authorizing him to do so, such power of attorney to be produced with the tender, and it must disclose that the firm is duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1952
  4. Receipts for payment made on account of work, when executed by a firm, must also be signed by all the partners, except where contractors are described in their tender as a firm, in which case the receipts must be signed in the name of the firm by one of the partners, or by some other person having due authority to give effectual receipts for the firm.
  5. Any person who submits a tender shall fill up the usual printed form, stating at what rate he is willing to undertake each item of the work. Tenders, which propose any alteration in the work specified in the said form of invitation to tender, or in the time allowed for carrying out the work, or which contain any other conditions of any sort, including conditional rebates, will be summarily rejected. No single tender shall include more than one work, but contractors who wish to tender for two or more works shall submit separate tender for each. Tender shall have the name and number of the works to which they refer, written on the envelopes.
  6. The rate(s) must be quoted in decimal coinage. Amounts must be quoted in full rupees by ignoring fifty paisa and considering more than fifty paisa as rupee one.
  7. In case the lowest tendered amount (worked out on the basis of quoted rate of Individual items) of two or more contractors is same, then such lowest contractors may be asked to submit sealed revised offer quoting rate of each item of the schedule of quantity for all sub sections/sub heads as the case may be, but the revised quoted rate of each item of schedule of quantity for all sub sections/sub heads should not be higher than their respective original rate quoted already at the time of submission of tender. The lowest tender shall be decided on the basis of revised offer.


  1. The Contract means the documents forming the tender and acceptance thereof and the formal agreement executed between the competent authority on behalf of the President of India and the Contractor.
  2. The expression works or work shall, unless there be something either in the subject or context repugnant to such construction.
  3. The Site shall mean the land/or other places on, into or through which work is to be executed under the contract or any adjacent land.
  4. The Contractor shall mean the individual, firm or company, whether incorporated or not, undertaking the works and shall include the legal personal representative of such individual or the persons composing such firm or company.
  5. The President means the President of India and his successors.
  6. The Engineer-in charge means the Engineer Officer who shall supervise and be incharge of the work and who shall sign the contract on behalf of the President of India as mentioned in Schedule ‘F’ hereunder.
  7. Government or Government of India shall mean the President of India.
  8. The terms Director General includes Additional Director General and Chief Engineer of the Zone.
  9. Accepting Authority shall mean the authority mentioned in Schedule ‘F’.
  10. Excepted Risk are risks due to riots (other than those on account of contractor’s employees), war (whether declared or not) invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power.
  11. Market Rate shall be the rate as decided by the Engineer-in Charge on the basis of the cost of materials and labour at the site where the work is to be executed plus the percentage mentioned in Schedule ‘F’ to cover, all overheads and profits.
  12. Schedule(s) referred to in these conditions shall mean the relevant schedule(s) annexed to the tender papers or the standard Schedule of Rates of the government mentioned inn Schedule ‘F’ hereunder, with the amendments thereto issued upto the date of receipt of the tender.

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