Trust Key USB Token – Trust key tool latest version

trust key usb token

Trust key USB Token for Digital Signature

trust key usb token

Trust key usb token use for store digital signature certificate. That’s provide security to digital signature. It’s protect digital signature with password. 

You can set password for this usb token and you can protect your certificate. It’s very easy to use with digital signature. 

Trust key usb token use for class 2, class 3 and DGFT digital signature. you can download all type of digital signature in that token. 

Trust key very simple to install and use. you can install all system and all operating system like windows, macOS, Linux and other operating system. 

Trust key is highly secure, easy to use and cost effective. This is very powerful PKI authentication for secure transaction.

Its plug and play feature that brings added convenience to costumer. This is very faster, reliable and authentication device that use for digital signature.

Trust key is the latest generation of usb security token, and it’s also provide high speed data transmission.

At the time of renewal you can use same usb token to update your renew and download your renew certificate in that same token. you not need new USB token you can use same.   

How to Install trust key usb token

Follow these steps to install trust key usb token:-

  1. Insert token in your system.
  2. Click on my computer option
  3. Select Trust key removable drive
  4. Double click on that 
  5. Click next option 
  6. Click Install option
  7. Click finish option 

Trust key USB token Features

  1. Auto plug and play- no cd required for driver installation
  2. Supported os: 32bit and 64bit windows xp sp3, server 2003 , vista, server 2008, seven, eight, 32bit and 64bit linux and mac os x
  3. Fips 140-2 level 3 certified and cap for each usb token is included
  4. Memory space: 64kb (EEPROM) – can store around 7-10 dsc. And connectivity: usb 2.0 full speed, connector type a
  5. Laser printed serial number on each token

Trust key tool latest version

The Trustkey USB Token is a hardware cryptographic module validated against the FIPS 140-2 at security level. It is a USB-based PKI, two-factor authentication token device. It provides digital signature generation/verification for online authentications and data encryption/decryption for online transactions. The user’s private and public key pairs can be generated and stored on the embedded chip.

Trustkey has 32K EEPROM and 64K FLASH for the on-card file system divided into the basic areas and extended area. The user’s key pairs reside in the EEPROM. The private key can never be exported. The implementation of FIPS-Approved cryptographic algorithms are tested under the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP).

Trustkey provides the USB interface that can connect the module to a General Purpose Computer (GPC) in a “plug and play” manner, which eliminates the need to install Smart Card Reader drivers. The WatchKey implements type A USB 1.1 (full speed) specifications and USB CCID (Circuit(s) Cards Interface Device) protocol which enables communication with ISO/IEC 7816 smart cards over USB.

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