How to Update Digital signature in GST Portal

Update digital signature gst

How to update digital signature in GST

Update digital signature gst

Follow these steps to update digital signature in GST:-

  1. Open site
  2. Click on Home page option.
  3. Login your gst account with user id and password 
  4. After Logon welcome page displayed and click continue button.
  5. Click on Dashboard option.
  6. In Dashboard click Register/Update DSC Tab
  7. Select PAN of Authorized signatory.
  8. Select the I have download and installed the signer checkbox.
  9. Click Proceed Button.
  10. Select your certificate and click sign button 
  11. Your DSC has been successfully registered message come and click ok.

certificate already registered with another authorized signatory in gst error

Follow these steps to resolved DSC issue in GST portal:-

  1. Open Internet Explorer 
  2. Click on Tools Option 
  3. Go to Internet options 
  4. After that click content Tab
  5. Click the certificates button.
  6. Select your certificate.
  7. click the view button 
  8. Click the details tab of your certificate.
  9. Scroll down and go to key usage.

It should be “Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation”.

If it is “Key Encipherment” please remove this Certificate from windows store

How to Install emsigner

Follow these steps to install emsigner:-

  1. Download emsigner from GST portal.
  2. Unzip file.
  3. Run Unzip file 
  4. Click Next option 
  5. Click second Next 
  6. After that click Install 
  7. After Install finish click finish Option.
  8. After that Double the icon of emSigner utility.
  9. After then Click emsigner App ican and Run as Administer option and Run The File.


System Requirements for GST portal

In case you are having problems while installing emSigner, ensure that you have the following system requirements of emSigner:

  • Windows 32 / 64 bit OS
  • Java 1.6 JRE 1.6.0_38+, Java 1.7, Java 1.8
  • Windows: Admin access to install the emSigner component
  • Any of the ports among 1585, 2095, 2568, 2868 or 4587 is free

Most of the issues in installation of emSigner happens due to incompatible OS or Java version.

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