Top 10 Use of USB Token – Digital Signature USB Token

USB Token

What is a USB Token device?

USB Token

This is a device that use to store digital signature. USB toke provide security to your Digital signature and password protected.

The is a software that help to you system to read digital signature and show your certificate at right place. You can call this use as e-token, dongle, digital signature Token.

e-Token is mandatory to download digital signature and store digital signature and use online. There is many advantage of this e-token to store digital signature in that.

You can apply digital signature fist and after ready you can download certificate in any USB. After expire certificate you can reuse this e-token. 

.pfx file and USB Token - How to Use

The following picture shows an error message that you may encounter while signing the .XML document with Digital Signature.

If you are getting the error shown in the above picture when signing your document with Digital Signature, you are suggested to follow the below given steps to change the browser settings.

  1. Click on “Logout” to end your user session (Do not close the browser)
  2. Remove the e-token from the system.
  3. Click on “Tools” and choose “Internet Options” from the menu, as shown in the
    picture below
  4. Click on “Internet Options”, you will see a small window shown in the following
  5. Click on “Content” on the top tab. You will see the window shown in the picture
  6. Click on the “Certificates” button in the “Certificates” section, you will see the
    certificate/s under “Personal” tab as shown in the picture given below. Please make sure you are looking at the certificates under “Personal” tab only
  7. Select a certificate and click on “Remove” button, you will get a message asking for your approval to delete the certificate as shown below
  8. Click “Yes”. Repeat the same step for all the certificates (if you have more in the list). When all the certificates are removed, your “Certificates” window should look like the picture given below
  9. Click on “Close” button
  10. Click on “Apply” button if it is enabled, then click “OK” button
  11. Close the Browser and open a new Browser
  12. Insert the e-token on which you have the Digital Signature.
  13. If you can see the certificates, it means the Browser settings are done properly
  14. You can login to the site and you should be able to upload the .XML document.

NOTE: Please take a backup of the certificates shown in the “Certificates” window.
Additional Information on how to take backup:
The list of certificates displayed in this window may have either Real Certificates or
References to Certificates. So, please take a backup of the Real Certificates before you proceed to the next step.
Question: What do we mean by Real Certificates?
Answer: Real certificates are the certificates you might have bought online and saved
into the browser (ex: .pfx files). They will be used for “Sign with .pfx file” option on the
“Submit your returns” page on the website. If you
have not saved the certificates yet, select the certificates one by one and click on
“Export” button shown in the picture given below and follow the steps in “Certificate
Export Wizard” and save them on the hard disk. Repeat the same “Export” step for all the certificates you want to save.
Important: This has to be done before moving on to step 7
The Department of Income Taxes will not be responsible if you lose your certificate for not taking a backup.

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