How to use Digital signature

The use of digital signature for pdf documents signing, Invoice sign, Income tax return filing and other individual or Organization purpose. Now these digitally days dsc provide security and online transection protection.  

How to ready Device to use

Follow these steps to ready device for use DSC

  1. Insert DSC USB token in your System.
  2. Click on my Computer option
  3. Install token Driver
  4. Open token Manager Tools
  5. Check your certificate validity and Details

System requirement for run Digital signature

These system setting are required to run DSC in your System

  1. Check USB token Driver install successfully
  2. Java installs in your system
  3. Java 6 and above version required
  4. Add site URL in Trusted site
  5. Enable ActiveX control from Internet Option
  6. Enable Pop-Up Blocker 

How to use Digital signature Pen drive

Digital signature Pen drive is a USB token as pen drive, but it’s not a pen drive. USB token Use for Store DSC in that. It’s provided security of signature and protect with password.

Follow these steps to use Digital signature pen drive: –

  1. Insert USB token In system
  2. Install USB token Driver
  3. Install Java in your System
  4. Driver must be latest v2.0
  5. Select your Password or change default password
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