How to verify Digital Signature, Validate DSC

verify Digital signature

How to verify Digital Signature

verify Digital signature

Follow these steps to verify digital signature

  1. Open the PDF file in PDF Converter Professional
  2. Left-click on the DSC field.
  3. Click “Verify Signature”.
  4. Click “Properties”.
  5. Click “Verify Identity”.
  6. Add “Contact information for certificate owner:”.
  7. Click “Add to List”.
  8. Click “Close”.
  9. Click “Verify Signature”.
  10. The “Validity Status” should now show “Signature is valid”.
  11. Click “Close”.
  12. DSC should now display a check mark and “Signature Valid”

certificate display a question mark and a “Validity Unknown” or “Signature not verified!” message


When opening a PDF file containing a sign in PDF Converter Professional that was created from a self-signed certificate on another system, the sign may display a “Validity Unknown” or “Signature not verified!” message.

Note: DSC created from a self-signed certificate in Adobe Acrobat display a question mark and the name of the signer when opened in PDF Converter Professional.

Validate digital signature online

You received DSC online and you want to check that its sign valid or not. 

we provide you process there you can check your sign validity and check its valid or not.

Have you received a digitally signed document and you want to be sure the signatures are valid, and the document’s data has not been changed?

With our signature verification service you can any document that has been signed with the trusted PKI DSC. We will the signatories’ authenticity and data integrity to give you complete peace of mind. 
Anyone can access Secured Signing’s Signature Verification Service.

If you don’t have a paid Secured Signing account you need to register below to purchase verification credits (we simply charge your credit card). You will then be able to upload your documents for verification. 
Already a paid Secured Signing user, then simply login below using your Secured Signing account details. 
To get started, click Document button below.

Digital signature not showing in pdf

When you use the SignFile function to add a DSC to a PDF it adds an invisible digital signature which is not shown on any of the pages in the document.

Instead the certificate can be viewed by opening the PDF in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editing application, and clicking on the Signatures tab which can usually be seen on the left-side of the application.

A screenshot demonstrating what a signatures looks like after it’s been added to a PDF using Debenu Quick PDF Library can be seen below.

Usually, the digital certificates are issued by a Root CA (Certification Authority).

If the Root CA that issued the signing certificate is not included in Adobe Trusted Identities, the signature is considered “not trusted” (but NOT invalid) when the document is opened in Adobe Reader (see example below).

This behavior has nothing to do with the signing engine (e.g. PDF Signer, Adobe Reader) but with the Adobe certificate validation procedure.
The recipient must manually add the Root Certificate of the signing certificate on Adobe Trusted Identities because not all Root CA’s are considered trusted by default by the Adobe certificate validation engine (See this article:

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