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signyourdoc is a license certification authority to provide digital signature online in India. Our services include providing Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 digital signature online as well renewal of digital signature certificates online.

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A digital Signature Certificate (DSC) helps to authenticate an electronic document, be it pdf or otherwise. This certificate is a one of the best ways of making sure that your documents are secure or in the right hands.

This is because the sender of the document is notified of any alteration to the document. The digital signature certificate also helps to identify the identity of the sender and receiver of the document.

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There are three classes of digital Signature Certificates you can apply for online. These are:

1. Class 1 Digital Signature

Class 1 digital signature certificates are usually issued to individuals or private entities or want to use it for personal use.

These kind of certificate offer the lowest kind of security, whose issue without verification process and not contain email Id and address of applicant.

2. Class 2 Digital Signature

These kind of digital signatures are often issued to people in position of authority in a company. Often time it is required that secretaries and directors need to fill online forms that need a signature. 

The class 2 digital signature certificate is used for business purposes like when signing proposals or when sending documents to business partners. Other uses include tax return filling, GST filling and ROC forms filling.

3. Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 digital signature certificates are mostly used when conducting online activities that involves the public or many people. These activities could be e-auctions or e-biddings.

in online participation/bidding in e-auctions, e-bidding, e-tendering and online tenders anywhere in India.


Aside from different classes, there are also different uses of a digital signature online. We at SignYourDoc provide digital certificates online that satisfy each of these needs

signing digital signature

Signature Only

This is the most common use that you can find for the digital signature certificate. It can be used in electronically signing documents like legal contracts and tax returns papers.

encryption digital signature

Encryption only

This is the most common use that you can find for the digital signature certificate. It can be used in electronically signing documents like legal contracts and tax returns papers.

Signature and encryption

Signature and encryption

This is the most common use that you can find for the digital signature certificate. It can be used in electronically signing documents like legal contracts and tax returns papers.


You can easily get your digital signature certificate in less than a day by following the steps listed below.

Fill online form

Fill the form that is found on here

submit documents of digital signature

Submit documents

After filling the form, you are expected to submit some documents for review. These documents are a passport photograph, valid ID card, PAN card, phone number, email address and current home or business address. click here for more details

Get Digital signature Certificate

It usually takes less than a day to get the certificate. At the most, two days.

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