Eauction india registration

Eauction india registration

eauction India Registration Process 

Here are some steps:- 

  1. open eauction site
  2. Click bidder Enrollment 
  3. Enter email Address 
  4. Enter Mobile Number 
  5. Enter Company Details 
  6. Enter Contact Details 
  7. Click Submit 
  8. Enroll Your Digital signature 
  9. Upload Digital signature 
  10. Submit

How to Register Digital signature in eauction Portal

Here are some steps for DSC enrollment:-

  1. open eauction site
  2. Click Login Option 
  3. Enter User id and Password and Login 
  4. Insert Digital signature in your system 
  5. Install DSC Driver 
  6. Click Signing Certificate Option 
  7. Select Your Certificate 
  8. Enter Token Password 
  9. Click Ok 
  10. Your DSC Enrolled Successfully.
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