Check expiry of your Digital signature, DSC Validity

How to check expiry of Digital Signature

You have digital signature and you don’t know how to check expiry of digital signature. Digital signature issue with 1 and 2 Year validity.

follow these steps to check expiry of DSC:-

  1. Open USB token tools (If DSC USB token driver not install then install driver first.)
  2. Click on Login button.
  3. Enter Token Password.
  4. Double click on your certificate name
  5. After certificate open click on Details Tab 
  6. In details you can find all Details of your Certificate. 

How to check validity of your Digital signature certificate

You have your digital signature certificate and it’s going to expire, but you don’t know what is the expiry date of your certificate. Well please follow these steps to check validity of your digital signature:-

  1. Open DSC USB tools 
  2. Login your token with password 
  3. Double click on your certificate name.
  4. Open your certificate 
  5. In last you can find your validity of DSC. 

How to extend validity of digital signature

When your Digital signature certificate (DSC) validity goes expire you simply extend your digital signature validity. Normally digital signature issue with 1 and 2 year validity, after expire you can renew this dsc with same 1 or 2 year validity. 

Recently new guideline from CCA you need to complete all process agin and sbmit all documents again. You have to fill new DSC application from and submit with documents. 

You have to complete mobile and video verification. After expire dsc you can use same mobile no and mail Id to apply renew dsc

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