emsigner error

emsigner error

emsigner error in gst portal

emsigner error

emsigner error in gst portal:-

Failed to establish connection to the server. Kindly restart the Emsigner.

Please follow the below steps before using DSC:-

  1. Run the emsigner as administrator 
  2. open the portal, fill the appropriate details go to till update register DSC.
  3. Open a separate tab in same browser and type
  4. Click on Advanced 
  5. Click proceed to
  6. Come back to GST portal, refresh the page 
  7. Click on register Digital signature
You can follow these steps to resolve the issue of emsigner error.

TRAN 1 : Key issues in Filing

Processed with error:-

  1. If the existing earlier registration numbers mentioned in TRAN 1 is not furnished in Registration details.
  2. Add using non-core field amendment application 
  3. Precautions in such addition 
    1. Not use special characters (-,/) while adding new service tax No. /Central Excise No./VAT/TIN
    2. ensure that here are no duplicate e-mail/phone no. used on promoter/partner or Authorized signatory tab.
    3. Ensure that no mandatory fields are vacant.
    4. Ensure that the Goods/service codes are added.
    5. Ensure that the STD code is entered correctly in the field indicated for it & not entered in the filed for entering the local Telephone number.

GSTR 1 : Key steps in Filing through offline Utility

  • Import the excel worksheet in the java offline tool
  • check the summary in then java tools. If satisfactory generate JSON file.
  • Upload the generate JSON file on the GST portal.
  • After successful upload the file would be updated.
  • If any error file in generated, the message would be processed with error.
  • Click on “Generate error report”
  • After around 20 minutes error report would be generated and the status of link would become “download error report”

Key steps in online Filing GSTR 3B:

  • View ledger to ascertain that sufficient ITC & cash balance is available in major and minor heads.
  • Prepare challan and deposit money in your cash ladger if cash balance is not sufficient.
  • Offset the liabilities by filling appropriate amounts in the ITC and cash data fields of payment screen.
  • Press “offset Liability” tab to discharge the liabilities 
  • Once liabilities are offset, press file returns button 
  • Select the authorized signatory 
  • file GSTR3B return using EVC or DSC as applicable

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