How to do epass 2003 Unlock

epass 2003 unlock process

follow these steps to unlock epass 2003 USB token.

  • Insert Token in your System 
  • Download Admin driver
  • Open Admin driver file 
  • In right side click on scroll down icon 
  •  Click on Unlock option 
  • Enter So Pin 
  • So Pin is “Entersafe”
  • Enter New password 
  • Confirm New password 
  • Click on submit button 
  • Your password unlock successfully 

Note:- Epass 2003 V 1.0 SO PIN is “entersafe”. If you have new token V. 2.0 then you have to contact us. 

How to check epass 2003 CSP Version

Follow these steps to check epass 2003 CSP version type.

  • Insert token in your system 
  • Click on my computer option and install Driver
  • Open token tools epass 2003 Token Manager 
  • Login with your password 
  • End of the token you can find Token Details 
  • Scroll down page and find CSP option 
  • Select CSP and Check your Version.

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epass 2003 CSP v2.0 unlock process

Follow these steps to unlock epass 2003 CSP v2.0 

  • Insert Token in your system.
  • Download remote unlock driver
  • Open unlock driver 
  • Click generate challenge code button 
  • Send email to to challenge code
  • Send mail for Input Response code 
  • After receive Input response Code on Mail 
  • Enter Input response Code 
  • Click Submit button 
  • Enter New password and Click Ok 
  • Your token Unlock successfully  


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