ireps Digital Signature and Bidder Registration

ireps Digital signature IREPS n-Procurement tenders

All E-tender notices pertaining to Zonal Railways/Production Units etc. are uploaded and available on the website

Authorized vendor user must have Class III Digital Signature Certificate with Company Name issued by CCA licensed CA for registration as well as participation in E-Tenders. The same Digital Signature Certificate, within its validity, can be used for participation in all the E-Tenders for above buying organizations, “FAQ” link available on homepage gives procedure for obtaining digital certificates.

ireps new bidder registration

Bidder Registration is the process of registering interested firms/companies in IREPS to allow one of their user to log into IREPS and bid on auction lots online.

Only one user/email per firm can be registered who will remain the only user to log into the application. Bidder registration.can be done in two ways — either through Online Registration or through Manual Registration Process.

Both the processes require the bidders to possess a Private Digital Signing Certificate before proceeding to register.

They also have to submit a refundable payment of Rs 10,000.00 as one time Entry Fee / Registration Fee to successfully complete the registration process of their firms. Details of both the processes are mentioned below:

Online Registration Process

Bidders will register themselves under this process by submitting their details through an online registration form which is available on the IREPS website (

This registration process requires them to attach their digital signature certificates for signing the online form before submitting.

One time Entry Fee is mandatory to be paid using the online payment gateway to register successfully. Once the Time Registration Fee is paid online, the bidders will be confirmed of their successful registration online with their Login Password and Bidding Password e-mailed to them on their registered email address.

In Online registration process, One Time Registration Fee amount will be populated automatically and bidders cannot make part payments for this fixed amount.

On submission of online registration form, the bidders are provided with a “Transaction ID” and a “Registration Request ID”.

These IDs are required to be noted down carefully by bidders since these are important for Bidder Account Activation which is another process and this needs to be completed by Depot’s Authorized Users.

Bidders are required to note these IDs and contact nearest Stores Depot for activation of their Account. They must carry the Affidavit in the prescribed format, available in Railway Board Documents.

This document will be scanned and attached with the Profile of the bidder in the Activation process. — : Manual Registration Process: In case bidders are not willing to make the payment using the online payment gateway to register, they can approach the nearest Depot for registration purpose.

Bidders will have to manually deposit the one time refundable Entry / Registration Fee directly in the Cash office associated with the concerned Depot and furnish the Cash Receipt to the authorized officer in the depot who will register their firm manually.

They are also required to carry an Affidavit in the prescribed format. This document will be scanned and attached with the Profile of the bidder during Registration and Account Activation process.

After this Depot Administrator will verify payment details and on confirmation of transaction he will create a new bidders account. On successful registration, the bidder will receive their Login Password to log into the application and the Bidding Password to bid for auctions, in their emails provided in their registration details.

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