How to Install emsigner for mca and Download

emsigner for mca

Recently MCA has update the portal setting and now mca emsigner required for digital signature. emsigner is a tools that provide you feature to read your digital signature certificate from system and digitally sign any documents. 

Mca emsigner is a Java utility that's work on Java. If you not have java in your system then you have to download latest java in your system.

After Install Java in your system you can easily sign and documents and form 16 and other from of MCA.

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System Requirement for mca emsigner

Following system setting required for mca emsigner:-

  1. Browser - Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 49+, firefox 45+
  2. Valid Class 2 Digital signature and Class 3 Digital signature 
  3. Windows 32/ 64 Bit 
  4. Java 1.6 JRE 1.6.0_38, Java 1.7, Java 1.8
  5. Emsigner Admin access and Admin account of PC 
  6. Install emsigner web socket in your system

How to Install mca emsigner socket

Follow these steps to Install mca emsigner socket:-

  1. Download mca emsigner socket
  2. Unzip the file 
  3. Open emsigner.msi file 
  4. C.lick Next button 
  5. Set default folder to install 
  6. click Next button 
  7. Click Install button 
  8. After Install click Finish button.
  9. Open desktop file and run as administrator 
  10. emsigner service started.

MCA emsigner Trobleshooting errors

Follow these steps to resolve emsigner error:-

  1. Open Internet Explorer 
  2. Add MCA Site to trusted site.
  3. Enable protected mode
  4. Enable all Active X controls 
  5. Disable Pop-Up Blocker 
  6. Verify your Digital signature in Internet Explorer. 

Steps to Troubleshoot Error –“DSC Already Registered “

When you are trying to register your DCS with the MCA21 application and you face error message , “DSC Already Registered “, then follow the steps:-

  1. Open the Internet Explorer.
  2. Click tools option.
  3. After that click Internet Option
  4. Click Content Tab.
  5. In Content click Certificate Tab.
  6. The Certificate dialogue box is displayed.
  7. Click the Details tab.
  8. check the Serial number and Issuer details.

Steps to Troubleshoot Error – “DSC Revoke“

When using a DSC, if you face error message, “DSC Revoked “, then follow the steps to remove the error message:-

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools option 
  3. In Tools select Internet Option 
  4. Click Content Tab 
  5. In Content click certificate Tab 
  6. Under Certificate information check the issued by 
  7. Click details Tab 
  8. Click serial Number and issuer.
  9. In the details tab select CRL Option (Certificate Revocation List)
  10. Copy the Url and open in browser 
  11. Download the file and open.
  12. The Internet Explorer Security dialogue box is displayed. Click the Allow button.
  13. In the Web page displayed, check whether the certificate Serial Number is present or not.
  14. Go to the Revocation List tab and check whether the serial number present in the certificate exists. 

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