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Partner Program

Partner Program

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You can start a digital signature business by joining as an signyourdoc partner program. By becoming a partner, you can issue digital signature certificates to your customer base across India. 

Service Include

  • Signing Certificate 
  •  2 Year validity 
  • Without USB Token 
  • Including GST 18%
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Benefits of Digital signature partner program

The signyourdoc DSC Partner Program is crafted to empower partners in delivering DSC services without the substantial capital typically associated with establishing and managing in-house infrastructure. This user-friendly program streamlines the process for partners, enabling them to capitalize on our reputable brand, discover new prospects, and effortlessly resell signyourdoc DSC services to their clientele. By leveraging our program, partners have the opportunity to evolve into Digital Certificate Service Providers for their customers, benefiting from our extensive expertise and experience, ultimately fostering repeat business.

Enrolling in signyourdoc DSC Partner Program provides partners with access to a range of benefits essential for initiating the sale of signyourdoc DSC services to their clients. This includes market-competitive discounts, leading to enhanced profit margins and a competitive edge, along with marketing and sales resources to support their evolving requirements.

digital signature franchise

How do I start a digital signature business?

To start a digital signature business, you can:

  1. Join a DSC partner/reseller program offered by an authorized digital signature certificate provider.
  2. Register yourself under the Approved Certifying Authority of India.
  3. Obtain the necessary certifications and licenses.
  4. Partner with Certification Authorities (CAs) authorized to issue DSCs.
  5. Research and select CAs based on their reputation, product offerings, and support.

A DSC partner/reseller program is designed for companies that sell Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).

Digital signature franchise price

The cost for a digital signature franchise can vary from ₹8000 to ₹50000. The cost depends on the quantity that you purchase. 10 Quantity Price is ₹800 per DSC, 25 Quantity Price is ₹750/- per DSC and 100 Quanity price is ₹650 per DSC.

Digital signature franchise apply online

To start a Digital signature franchise you need to select the Min. quantity that you want to start a business with. We will Create our partner account and you can process your application from that account. By becoming our partner you can issue digital signatures for your customers and you can manage your stock.